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Release 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS

HomeNotizieRelease 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS
HomeNotizieRelease 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS
Release 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS

Release 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS

SYMMETRICDS, nuova release

E' stata appena rilasciata la versione 3.7.22 di SymmetricDS, software cross-platform per replica e sincronizzazione di DB. Comprende l'atteso upgrade a 9.3.3 di Jetty ed altre correzioni in particolare per MS SQl Server.

Mettiamo qui il link ad una breve presentazione del software.

La lista delle modifiche (changelog):

SymmetricDS - 3.7.22 (Released 2015-10-01)

- 0002311: [Improvement] Don't use 503 when SymmetricDS is unavailable as some proxies return that as well. (chenson) - closed.
- 0002312: [Improvement] Return different error codes for when an engine is stopped or starting versus the server is too busy (chenson) - closed.
- 0002320: [Improvement] Bump up the default amount of memory from 256 to 1024 (chenson) - closed.
- 0002323: [Improvement] Don't select row_data, old_data or pk_data when routing if only default routers are assigned (chenson) - closed.
- 0002329: [Improvement] set as the default setting (chenson) - closed.
- 0002395: [Improvement] Delay routing exception logged as error (elong) - closed.
- 0002317: [Improvement] Upgrade Jetty to version 9.3.3.v20150827 (chenson) - closed.
- 0002363: [Bug] CHAR(x) Column Padding with whitespaces won't work if character conversion is needed to (chenson) - closed.
- 0002367: [New Feature] TableTransformation operation change support for UPDATE-DML (in addition to DELETE) (chenson) - closed.
- 0002372: [Improvement] allow SQL-LookupColumnTransform access to OLD-Column values (chenson) - closed.
- 0002375: [New Feature] LoadFilter with SQL-Script support (chenson) - closed.
- 0002396: [Improvement] Provide functionality to not require context table on sqlite for threadsafe data capture (chenson) - closed.
- 0002397: [Improvement] Add support for Oracle interval data type (chenson) - closed.
- 0002399: [Bug] Oracle bulk loader should respect dataloader.max.rows.before.commit and execute database writer filters (chenson) - closed.
- 0002400: [Bug] Unwanted warning: Starting a new process even though the previous 'Database Pull' process ... (chenson) - closed.
- 0002393: [Bug] NVARCHAR limit on SQL Server is a size of 4000 (chenson) - closed.

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